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July 2016

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An Eye Opening Evening: Pat Divilly Live

Yesterday I attended my first seminar with Pat Divilly. I had first heard of Pat when he spoke at the Gary Vaynerchuk Dublin event in March. I remember being so impressed with Pat’s talk and left feeling truly inspired by…

Europe Travel

Hvar- Croatia Travel Diary

I struggle to find the words to describe Hvar Island. Its beautiful, amazing, unlike anywhere I’ve been before. Its’s known as the party Island of Croatia but its much more than that. The Island itself is bigger than most…

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Three Type’s of Internships: The Good, Bad and In-between

I undertook three internships throughout my college years. Each internship was very different but they all taught me many things. If you are currently undertaking an internship this summer and struggling to see the benefits then hopefully some of…

A day at Krka waterfalls
Europe Travel

Split- Croatia Travel Diary

 Croatia has grown as a holiday destination in recent years but still I didn’t really know much about the country or what to expect. It turned out to be one of the most amazing places I’ve been to date. We decided on three places to…