Here are 6 apps that have me glued to my phone and one app that has me putting it away!


Bloglovin is like an online magazine or the DailyMail for blogs. You choose which ones you want to follow and then their latest blog posts will appear in your newsfeed. The website has always been a favorite of mine, I would often spend my lunch break browsing the different blogs I follow. Now that I have the app I can keep up to date with my favorite blogs wherever I am, while I have some time to kill or while I’m on the go.


If you like to use YouTube for hair and beauty tutorials then you will like this app. It contains hundreds of high-quality tutorials and always has the latest in beauty trends. It’s a useful addition to your phone whether you are a beauty expert or a beauty newbie. All tutorials have been developed by professional make-up artists.


Most of you will already have heard of Eventbrite. I have used the website many times to buy tickets but I had never really explored everything that is of theirs. I recently downloaded the app and discovered how easy it was to find events I was interested in but probably wouldn’t have otherwise known about. It’s great for finding networking events and other events related to your industry.


I wrote this blog post on Evernote. I have the app on my iPhone and iPad and I also use the desktop version on my laptop. Everything is saved automatically and because you can assess your Evernote account from anywhere in the world it’s a great place to keep your work and notes. I use it to jot down notes quickly and also work on blog posts on the go.

Water habit app

Something so simple as staying hydrated by drinking water can be an easy task to forget. The water habit app will motivate you to drink the amount of water you need every day to keep you feeling good. Drinking the right amount of water keeps your skin, weight and all around health in check.


If you struggle to relax and take the time to clear your head then download this app today. Start off with the free Take 10 program. 10 sessions of  10-minute meditation sessions. I have been using the 10 free sessions on repeat but I think sooner or later I will purchase the full app.

The sessions are voiced by meditation and mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe. His voice is so calming it would relax anyone. I once saw him speak at a conference and struggled to fight the urge to close my eyes and drift off as he spoke about digital marketing.

I mainly use the app to help get me to sleep at night as sometimes its the only thing that will work.


How much time do you think you spend on your phone? I can guarantee it’s much more than you expect. The RealizD app tracks how much you use your phone and shows you stats on a number of times you pick up your phone, screen time, sessions, intervals etc. it will scare you into putting your phone away. This app helps me to remind to take a few sips no matter what I’m doing.


I’ve talked about Depop before in my May Trend report. Shopping online and shopping for used clothing continues to increase in popularity.
The Depop app allows you to buy and sell unique and good quality items. If your someone that wears something once only to banish it to the back of your wardrobe, why not sell it on Depop instead. After all the more you sell the more you can buy!
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