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Cocoa Almond Butter Cupcakes and Brownies

Cocoa Almond Butter Cupcakes and Brownies

Sugar, dairy & gluten free mix     This cake mixture can be used to make either cup cakes or brownies. Here I will show you how to make both with a sweet Reese’s esque almond butter centre. You could also add protein powder and ground flaxseeds to pack some extra power into the mixture. This cake mixture can be…

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Seville Travel Diaries

If there was ever a city to get lost in, this is it. Seville is my favorite city in Europe for a few reasons. The first being the beautiful buildings, architecture and history everywhere you turn. Second, there is so much to see and do and something to suite everyone. Third, Seville is located in mainland Spain so it’s fairly easy to get to with regular direct flight…

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LinkedIn Checklist: Part 1

LinkedIn is an online professional network used by professionals to connect with other professionals. The following basic yet important steps will help you to to put your best foot forward and impress others in your industry. Photo  We all know first impressions count so having a professional photo is vital. Ideally you would use a professionally taken picture but a photo taken against…

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