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7 Apps for Every Girlboss

Here are 6 apps that have me glued to my phone and one app that has me putting it away! Bloglovin Bloglovin is like an online magazine or the DailyMail for blogs. You choose which ones you want to follow and then their latest blog posts will appear in your newsfeed. The website has always been a favorite of mine,…

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What I Have Learned Since Starting My Blog

It takes a lot of TIME I was never under the impression that creating and maintaining a blog, along with several social media accounts would be an easy task. I knew I would need to dedicate several evenings a week after work, and weekends to work on it. But with a full time job, working 9 to half 5, trying to make time for exercise and trying to take…

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LinkedIn Checklist Part 2

In part one of my LinkedIn checklist I spoke about the basic sections that are essential to complete on your LinkedIn profile. In order to put your best self forward you should aim to fill out all sections and not just the basic ones, so below is some advice on completing the rest in order to stand out and impress. Organizations…

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Top Tips for Setting up your Desk

Its a scary thing to accept but the reality is you spend most of your time sitting at your desk. For this reason its important that you set up your work space in a way that will optimise your comfort and productivity. Here’s how: Your chair Chair type: A cushioned office chair with arm rests is essential. If possible, breathable fabric is great…

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LinkedIn Checklist: Part 1

LinkedIn is an online professional network used by professionals to connect with other professionals. The following basic yet important steps will help you to to put your best foot forward and impress others in your industry. Photo  We all know first impressions count so having a professional photo is vital. Ideally you would use a professionally taken picture but a photo taken against…

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