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Summer fake tan routine

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I have typical Irish skin. Pale with freckles, likely to burn in the sun, before returning to white again. Never getting much of a tan at all.

For this reason I have completely stopped trying and have resorted to doing what I do the rest of the year. Faking it!

Of course I still sit in the sun and lay by the pool I just don’t do it half as much as I might have a few years ago. I actually much prefer to sit in the shade, it’s still warm but I can read or do whatever I’m doing more comfortably.

Faking a tan while on holidays is not as easy to do as if you were at home. You’re in and out of the pool and sea, your wearing sun cream and your probably sweating a lot more too!

The last thing you want is to make it obvious your wearing fake tan. The locals will run away from you thinking your scaling patchy skin is a disease. (How lucky are they never having to worry about this issue?)

So here are my guides to getting and maintaining a perfect fake tan for your holidays.


A few weeks before your holiday: Body brush

Spend a few minutes body brushing before you hop in the shower. Brush from your feet to your upper body in upward and round strokes. This removes dead skin and improves blood circulation and cellulite prevention! And don’t forget to moisturize once out of the shower.

4 days before your holiday: Exfoliate

Exfoliate all dead skin and old tan from your body two days before your holiday. If shaving is your choice of hair removal do this now too. Anything else like waxing etc should be done a week before your holiday.

I like to use cocoa brown exfoliator Tough Stuff.

Summer tanning regime Coco Brown products


3 to 1 days before your holiday:

Apply a layer of Vita Liberata 2-3week tan each evening and wash off in the morning. Repeat 3/4 times. Don’t use any moisturizer during these days.

Vita Liberata €49.99 from boots. Sometimes its on offer for just €33.32!

Summer tanning regime Vita Liberata

Lotion left, mousse right.

1 day before your holiday:

After your final application and shower, use a gradual tan moisturizer. I like to use St Tropez gradual tan. This will help soften your skin while keeping your tan. If you use a regular moisturizer it will decrease your fake tans longevity.


During your holiday:

She Prevails Spain

Continue to use a gradual tanning moisturizer while you are away. This will keep your tan topped up a sit begins to fade.

I have used St Tropez tinted moisturizer for years and still love it.

Summer tanning regime St. Tropez

St.Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Body Medium/Dark 200ml

€17.99, currently on special offer for €11.99

Dry oils

If you want an added glow while on your holiday for the nighttime I would recommend using a dry oil such as Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Shimmering Multi-purpose dry oil for face body and hair or Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Dry Shimmer Body Oil. They will add a healthy bronzed shimmer to your skin and are water proof which is great for hot nights.



Summer fake tan routine

Other products I want to try:

What our your summer fake tanning tips?

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