I love online shopping, the idea of being able to take my time to browse and compare while in the comfort of my home or on the go when I get a free minute is much more appealing to me than rushing around stores and buying on impulse.
I also think you are more likely to find unique and different pieces that wont be seen on every second person you come across.
Below is a list of Irish websites I’m currently loving. Please let me know your favorite sites to shop as I’m always on the look out for new ones.
Hippenings Logo
Hippenings PARTY UPhippenings
I have to admit, when I browse this site I suddenly find myself thinking “I need this in my life” about things I never new excited a few seconds earlier. You’ll find it hard to exist without purchasing either a gift for yourself or someone else. The site stocks many much loved american brands and items you have probably seen in bloggers Instagram pictures and wondered where on earth they got them.
My Shining Armour
On the lookout for some new jewellery? No? Well you’ll probably change your mind once you enter this site. The jewelry and accessories are easily mistaken for items worth well over your monthly salary. They also sell many other trendy and cute must haves similar to The Hippenings.
You need to change up your make up bag but the thought of entering a beauty department makes you cringe knowing you’ll buy whatever the pushy sales assistant tells you is THE BEST (insert product type) they have ever tired, they just happen to work for the brand!
Beauty features stocks over — popular beauty brands, many at discount prices! You can read reviews and decide yourself which really is the best product for you.
Opsh is Ireland’s answer to Asos. Browse the contents of all your favorite high street stores and well known brands in one place.
Lady VB
Lady VB
The clothing store for the classy girl. This site is ideal for finding an outfit for a special event, especially during the times when high street stores are all about winter clothing or summer festival trends and seriously lack more formal party wear.
Is it just me or is it increasingly harder to find nice dresses and party clothes in shops?? This online store is here to save the day.

Iclothing was one of the first Irish fashion stores I ever purchased from. Over the last few years they have grown and upped their game on the selection of fashion they have on offer. They often appear on Irish tv and mentioned by Irish fashion bloggers. You will often find dupes of popular clothing items at a fraction of the cost and new pieces are constantly added to the site.

Custom Vintage Dublin
Custom Vintage DublinCustom Vintage DublinISLANDER BIKINI Custom Vintage Dublin
First came their custom vintage Levi shorts that even Kylie Jenner was a fan of, then came incredibly cute bikinis in the summer and wool pompom hats and cashmere scarfs in the winter. They also sell designer sunglasses dubes and jewelry.
This site doesn’t contain an overwhelming selection but I think that’s what I love about it, what they do sell has me reaching for my card over and over.

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