Oh hey,

haven’t seen you in a while!

“Do you still blog? What’s happened to your blog? Are you done with it now?”

These are some of the questions friends have asked me in the last few weeks. I found it difficult to answer because although I haven’t been posting, I never felt like I was done I just wasn’t feeling inspired anymore so I took a break.

If I’m honest, I’m still struggling. I really wanted to come back and do things differently. I’m well aware people don’t read blogs like they used to (myself included) so I have tried to come up with a unique idea for how I can still write and share content that’s intersting to people. It’s still a work in progress….. but I miss writing about the random thing’s I’m interested in so here we are. This is a mixture of random topics and recommendations.




3. Topshop


5. Topshop

6. Nasty Gal




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