Hello again! When I was thinking about what I wanted to write about this week I asked myself, “whats changed?” And the first thing I thought about was my morning routine. Having recently started my new job a few weeks ago, I had to once again get used to the early mornings and making the most of my time before heading to work. The following are some simple habits I’ve adopted that really make a difference to how I feel for the rest of my day.

Gentle alarm

Please tell me I’m not the only one that never noticed the Bedtime alarm on iPhones? A friend recently told me about it and how it’s much better than the original. You can choose the sound you wake up to and the volume starts off low and increases until you wake up and turn it off. The feature also calculates how many hours of sleep you will get and stores the information for you to look back on.

Let the light in

Hearing the alarm go off is the worst part of everyone’s morning, so opening the curtains is probably the next worst thing but it’s better to get it over and done with when you wake. Leaving your curtains closed only makes your body feel more tired as if it should still be sleeping. It’s also nicer to come home to after work. Of course in the winter this probably won’t apply when it is dark before and after work 🙁

Let some air in

There’s nothing like the fresh air to wake you up. It might be cold, but you’re about to step outside anyway so there’s no harm in a couple of seconds of fresh air in your stuffy room! Just don’t forget to close the window before you leave!


Make your bed

We often leave simple things like making our bed “for later”. But how nice is it to come home to a neat bedroom, with your bed waiting for you to collapse onto! Your afternoon self will thank your morning self every time!

Prep & Prime

One of the first things I like (and need) to do is go to the bathroom. While I’m there I’ll splash my face with water and then apply moisturizer. I get dry skin so I find my makeup stays on much better throughout the day when I do this a few minutes before applying my makeup.

fccb4f9fd5c010ff4b36edadd2fa6a62Pull oil

Oil pulling if you don’t already know is AMAZING. Yes, it may be a bit uncomfortable and time-consuming but it’s worth it! I’ll spend whatever time it takes to put my make up on swishing a teaspoon on coconut old around in my mouth. It deep cleans your teeth and leaves them instantly whiter. Pulling oil is also said to detox your whole body by removing all the yucky toxins that naturally occur in the month.

Have hot water with lemon

I always wake up thirsty and nothing quenches my thirst like lemon and water! Hot water with lemon is not only refreshing but it is also said to cleanse the body. I like to go a step further and have green tea with lemon for an added kick of energy! In the summer when it’s very hot I make big batches of iced green tea and will drink that with lemon too.

IMG_4837 (1)

Have breakfast

You might prefer to eat breakfast when you get to work, but having even a small morning snack boosts energy instantly and kickstarts your metabolism for the day. My favorite breakfast right now is whole barn cereal with frozen berries. Yum!

Decide what to have for dinner

While making your breakfast, check what you have at home for dinner that night. It’s easy to forget what you are out of, and no one like eating beans for dinner!

Take your vitamins

We all know vitamin supplements are good for us, but taking them is an added task in the morning that you don’t need. Except you do. Try to take them with your breakfast so you don’t have to think about them again for the rest of the day. Or, if you are like me and find taking them a real chore, have them on your desk in work. Taking vitamins is one type of procrastination that can be good for you!

Clean up

Make your evening self-happier by cleaning up after yourself in the morning. Wash your breakfast dishes and put away your makeup. Hang up the clothes you didn’t end up wearing and hang your wet towels. These annoying tasks take less time than we ever expect.

These simple tips really can make a big difference to your day. It’s taken me awhile to get into a good routine, away from home and with all the changes that have come with that. I finally feel like each day is more organized and I’m definitely a happier person for it!

I hope you have a great week, full of great mornings.

Sophie x