Hi everyone and happy hump day! Yesterday I experienced my first snow day and got to enjoy working from home. Of course working at home meant I fell down the hole of procrastination once or twice which for me means online shopping! Recently I have become obsessed with shopping on Amazon. When I lived in Ireland I never really shopped on the site before, bar a handful of times. It just doesn’t seem to be as popular there. However, since moving to America I constantly overhear people talking about what they’ve bought from Amazon or have people tell to “look on Amazon” for just about everything and anything! Now it’s one of my go-to places to shop and I love the random things I discover and just have to have (but of course never need).

I’ve put together a list of Amazon treasures I’ve been lusting over lately, so if you feel like spending some money on random and probably unnecessary stuff then you are welcome 🙂

Amazon Home Decor ShePrevails

Amazon home decor

  1.  Hello Door Mat with Non-Slip Backing
  2. Loop Copper Side Table
  3. Trigg Wall Vessel, Set of 2, Concrete/Copper
  4. Dark Marble Mosaic Wall Clock
  5. 4.5-Gallon Waste Can, Copper 
  6. Black and White Striped Table Lamp
  7. Green leaf art, Set of 4 art prints
  8. Over the Door 12-Hook Rack


Amazon Kitchen AccessoriesAmazon Kitchen essentials

  1. Sushi Roll Maker 
  2. Electric Milk Frother 
  3. Rose Gold Flake Cutting Board
  4. Rose Gold Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  5. 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Station
  6. Shelby Teapot & Infuser
  7. Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser

Amazon Gadgets ShePrevails

Amazon Gadgets

  1. PurSteam Fabric Steamer
  2. Mini Portable LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 
  3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera 
  4. Wake-up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation
  5. Amazon Echo – White
  6. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (print social media photos)

Fitness Accessories ShePrevails

Fitness Accessories

  1. Adidas Squad III Duffel Bag
  2. Exercise Core Balance Disc
  3. Infuser Water Bottle 24 Oz 
  4. Multi-use Core Sliders
  5. Foam Roller
  6. High Capacity Diamond Sports Water Bottle  (74oz)
  7. On-The-Go Yoga Mat Carrier


I hope you found this post helpful! I really enjoyed putting these Amazon wishlists together for you so let me know if you spotted anything you loved!

The rest of my week is pretty packed with different events for work, and of course Saint Patrick’s day celebrations. (I’m just so excited to correct someone for saying “St Patty’s day” *shudder*). Make sure to follow along on my Instagram (@she.prevails) & Snapchat (@sophiemitchl).