Whether you are new to this blogging game or been at it for years you’ll probably have some of these items on your wish list. By no means do you need them all, it’s just a list of everything the average blogger likes to work with and I either own or want to own everything on this list. There’s a lot that goes into getting the perfect photo and you can spend quite a lot of money on equipment, I’ve done my research and this is the best of everything I have found at the most affordable prices.



Blogger Camera Equipment

My Olympus camera is without a doubt my favourite piece of blogging equipment. Before I had the Olympus last year, I had a big Canon camera but it just wasn’t for me. I couldn’t carry it around everywhere because it was super bulky and heavy, and I felt I needed to take a photography course to learn about all the settings. The Olympus is a much better fit for the type of photos I need to take. I’ll be doing a full review on this camera soon.

One of the biggest struggles in photography is keeping the camera stable and using a tripod can improve image quality more than you realize! I love this mini bendable one because it can hold my GoPro and Olympus. It’s light and small so I can take it anywhere and bend it into all sorts of positions.

In addition to photos, my Olympus takes great video footage but nothing beats a GoPro for travelling. It is the best when you’re doing any sort of sports or if you’re in the water. A regular camera is fragile and very breakable but the Go Pro is almost indestructible! The GoPro accessories are expensive but you can get great kits from Amazon that work just as well for a fraction of the cost. I have this one and love it!

Lighting equipment for blogging (1)


Phone Accessories for Bloggers

Yes I have a DSLR camera, yes I have a Go Pro, but still, 70% of my images are taken on my iPhone! The quality of the camera is pretty great so long as you have good lighting and angles.

My new favourite phone accessory is the Pop Socket. I love my pop socket! It’s a selfie game changer making it easier to press the capture button and I never have to worry about my phone falling out of my hand in awkward angles.

Another must have is this battery pack, I’m on my phone all day every day and it needs to be constantly charging. The battery pack I’ve linked here holds 7 phone charges!

If your phone’s camera is your only camera, but you want to get serious about taking videos or even vlogging, a Gimble might be your best friend. They are pricey but cheaper than a pro camera and really make a big difference to the quality of your videos.

Lighting equipment for blogging


Lighting Equipment

I’m obsessed with good lighting! I would rather eat hot chillies than post a photo with terrible lighting. I don’t own much light equipment and mainly rely on the natural sun. I’ve used some of the listed lighting equipment in work and it’s amazing. I will definitely be investing in it soon.

The lightbox is amazing for flat lays, the ring light is a must for your videos and youtube tutorials or if you love perfect selfies, and at the very least, the light reflectors can be used to manipulate natural light to how you like it.

Like I said above, you by no means need everything. I have listed but a few bits and pieces that can really help make your blogging life more efficient.