New York

Experience New York City Like a Local

One thing I quickly learned when I moved to New York one year ago, was that visiting as a tourist is a completely different experience than living here. The list of comparisons feels endless but here are a few of the main ones that come to mind and a little advice on navigating the city. Take the subway everywhere. Locals don’t…

ShePrevails 2017

My 2017 Bucket List & Goals

There’s a lot of dream 2017 posts going around this week and I’ve been excited to write mine for awhile! I think it’s a great motivator as you look back on your list throughout the year and check things off or to remind yourself to live life to the full! I make lists all the time, daily, weekly and monthly.…

JORD Wooden watches Sheprevails

New York Minute: JORD Wood Watch Competition

Enter the competition HERE New York is a crazy place for many reasons and I have come to realize the weather is on one of those reasons. The mild December temperatures were short-lived as I woke up to bitter -5 coldness and, according to my weather app, “feels like -16”. You can never wear enough layers on a day like that…

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