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Lisbon hills

Lisbon City Guide

As Portugal’s capital, Lisbon is a unique city bursting with culture and great places to eat and stay. For us, it was our first stop on a two week trip around Portugal but for many, it is seen as an ideal city break for a short weekend away. It is known as one of Europes cheapest city break destinations! Make…

A Beautiful Drive To Sligo, Ireland.

A Beautiful Drive To Sligo, Ireland.

Ireland is often referred to as one of the most beautiful places on earth but if you were born and raised on the Emerald Isle it is easy to take our island for granted. Living abroad in the concrete jungle of New York city made me appreciate my country and vow to see more of it. (Read about my trip to Donegal HERE.)…

Tulum, Mexico Guide by ShePrevails

Tulum Mexico Travel Guide

Tulum is without a doubt the nicest place I have visited yet. Everything from the beaches and jungle to the guacamole and tequila was spectacular. Every day of my stay I questioned why I didn’t live here, and become a local “Talluminati”? It is a small paradise where life feels perfect and you can’t possibly imagine ever feeling unhappy. The locals all…

Havana Cuba

Cuba Travel Guide: Havana and Viñales

Cuba can be best described as a big culture shock! It is a beautiful, interesting, yet challenging country.  I recommend reading about the history of Cuba before you set off in order to fully appreciate and understand the culture. It is a poor country in terms of material goods, yet it is culturally rich. Admittedly we were a bit nervous going on…