One of my best makeup discoveries of 2017 was the Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray. It gives a noticeable glow and helps makeup stay in place. I LOVE it. But, looking at the ingredients and inside the bottle itself, all it really has is mineral water and highlight powder. While I 100% recommend the Cover FX spray, I also realised it would be very easy to make your own. I happen to have a very sad looking smashed highlighter (Becca Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop to be specific) and lots of different unused setting sprays. One of my favourite setting sprays for years has been the cult classic Mac Fix+ so some of the other ones I’ve bought on a whim have gone unused.

SO, I recently decided, why not use one of my sprays and my once loved, now abandoned Becca highlighter and make my own spray!

The result?

The exact finish as my €30 Cover FX bottle! I love saving a pretty penny.

The Method

Take a setting spray, I used a travel size Mac Fix+ this time (old habits die hard). It’s perfect for this illuminating spray and because it’s one of the only bits of makeup I take everywhere with me I prefer the small handbag size!

Using a little funnel thing I found in my house (you can do without, or make one with paper), I slowly pour the crushed highlight powder. Add the powder just a little at a time and shake the bottle to see how the water looks. Spray on your hand to see how good the GLOW is and add more according to your preference.

Easy peasy!

Your welcome.

Sophie x


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