Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a medieval kingdom? Dubrovnik’s old city is maybe the closest you can get to that experience. Also known as King’s Landing to Game of Thrones fans.

If your a GOT fan there is no better place for you to visit as you will literally feel as though you are in that world. The historic city has received a record number of visitors last year and merchandise for the show can be bought in every store.

But if your not a fan of the show don’t fret, this kingdom is beautiful and a must see for anyone traveling in Croatia. It’s a small city that you can easily walk around within a few hours, including the great wall that surrounds the city. But it’s also home to an abundance of great restaurants and activities in close proximity (more on them below).



Hotel’s are few and far between in the old city. Most people stay outside the city’s walls in other areas of Dubrovnik but if your only there for a day or two I’d highly recommend fully immersing yourself in this kingdom by staying right in the centre. The best way to do this is with Airbnb.

We stayed in Apartment Bruno. You can check this cute apartment out here. 



The old city of Dubrovnik is a very busy place. There are tonnes of places to eat but if you have your heart set on one in particular it’s worth your while making a booking.

Glam cafe

The BEST iced coffee I have ever tried.

Aside from that they have a great menu for breakfast and lunch time in addition to a good selection of craft beers if your into that. I don’t think craft beer is a big thing in Croatia so this cafe is well known for that reason.

Glam Cafe


LAJK has something for everyone on their menu. The food is great, the service is great and I’d definitely recommend it!




Cheap American, European and Croatian fast food. Perfect for lunch time.

Panorama Restaurant

An amazing restaurant overlooking the city of Dubrovnik, assessable by the cable car (See below).

You will pay a little more here but it’s worth it for the great food and service, not to mention the views!

Panorama Restaurant

Panorama Restaurant

Panorama Restaurant 3

Panorama Restaurant Steak

Panorama Restaurant 4

We were given a table with the view of the mountains. Although this view was spectacular, the ocean view and view of the Old Town below is most popular. For this you will most likely need a booking. We were given complimentary champagne on arrival and after finishing our delicious meal our waiter told us he had a surprise for us. We followed him as he took our drinks over to what seemed like the most amazing table in the Restaurant with the amazing Sea and Old Town view.

Panorama Restaurant 7

Panorama Restaurant View


The Cable Car

Take the cable car for breathtaking views of the Old City, a delicious meal in the Panorama restaurant (see above) and a trip to the Dubrovnik homeland war museum. If your feeling really adventurous you can also do a buggy safari and hike your way back down the mountain (I did not go for this option!!).

Visit the Dubrovnik cable car website here. 

She Prevails cable car

Cable car view

Cable car view

Walk the Wall of the City

A trip to Dubrovnik is not complete without walking the wall of the old city. They views are incredible, of the ocean, the mountains and of course the city the walls surround.

The steps up to the wall are a bit steep but the walkway on top of the wall is wide enough to feel comfortable so don’t worry if your not the biggest fan of heights. However, if you have a very bad fear then maybe give it a miss.

Another thing to consider is the heat. It may have been the hottest I have ever felt! WEAR SUNCREAM. Bring a paper fan and as much water as you can carry. You’ll thank me later!

Dubrovnik Old

Dubrovnik Old wall

Dubrovnik Old Town wall

Dubrovnik Old Town wall

Dubrovnik Old view

Dubrovnik Old town walls

Dubrovnik Old T

Walking the Dubrovnik Old Town Wall

Walking the Dubrovnik Old Town Walls

Walking the Dubrovnik Old Town Wall

Walking the Dubrovnik Old Town Wall

Dubrovnik Old town wall

Walking Tour of the City

The city is beautiful but I knew little about it’s history (Game of Thrones is fictional after all). So we took an hour long walking tour where we learned the history of the towns wall and about the recent war and how it affected the people of Dubrovnik.

There’s also a Game of Thrones tour if your interested. As I was away for most of June I wasn’t caught up on the new series and didn’t want to risk hearing any spoilers by going on that tour 🙁

For all Dubrovnik walking tour’s visit here.

Old Town Dubrovnick

Kayak Tour

One of my favourite things in Dubrovnik was the three hour guided kayak tour around the coastline of Dubrovnik’s old town, Lokrum Island, and hidden caves.

It was the perfect way to escape the heat of the town and get a small work out in!

You can read more about the tour here on their website.




Whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or not, Dubrovnik is not to be missed while travelling in Croatia.

Before Dubrovnik I visited Split and Hvar Island. You can check out my blog for Split here and Hvar here.

I have also vlogged my whole trip so make sure to visit my Youtube channel to see all my Croatia videos! The Dubrovnik vlogs will be added soon.