February might be a short month but I have still managed to discover a lot of new favourites and experiences. Last weekend was a 3 day one here in America thanks to Presidents Days. My friends and I packed a lot in and I tried several new places that were on my list including La Pecora Bianca, Serafina’s and the Rooftop of the Gansevoort Hotel. I’d highly recommend all three for the yummiest food and drinks! This¬†week was also an exciting one for me as I started my new job. After a long struggle job hunting, I have secured¬†a position I’m really excited about. I’m looking forward to writing a full blog post on what it’s really like moving to New York on a visa and looking for a job. There are a lot of things I wish I had known in advance so I want to share all the truths with you. Everything is fitting into place now and I’m beyond excited for what is to come. I’m feeling more at home now in NYC than ever before ūüôā

Here are five of my favourite things from February:

Rocksbox ShePrevails

Rocksbox ShePrevails

1. RocksBox

I remember¬†first hearing about RocksBox a few years ago. I’ve always liked subscription¬†boxes like GlossyBox and loved the idea of a Jewellery specific box. It was a lovely surprise when they contacted me a few weeks ago offering to let me try the subscription for three months. I received my first box and I am in love! The box contained three pieces, a pair of Kate Spade stud earrings, a pair of Kendra Scott half loop earrings, and a choker neckpiece from Slate. I spoke about my New York Fashion Week experience in my last post and how it was a last minute rush to prepare¬†outfits, the jewellery¬†from RocksBox was honestly a life saver and really helped make my outfits more interesting.

When I’ve received all three months of boxes I’ll do a full blog post reviewing the subscription service and how it works. For now check out their website HERE, and if you are interested in trying RocksBox you can get 1 free month with the code¬†sheprevailsxoxo¬†!!

2. SnowStorms

As annoying as the snow was during fashion week, I couldn’t help but love it. Everything is so pretty when it’s covered in snow. We don’t get extreme snow like that in Ireland so I find it really exciting. I’m also one of those odd people that get excited about extreme weather and storms, so living in America where we get all sorts of weather definitely excites me haha. I also took a quick trip to the¬†countryside in Connecticut this month. Connecticut is beyond beautiful in the snow and it felt great to get out of the city for a night.

3. Exploring Central Park

In the same month, we went from -15 to +15. As I said above, I love the snow, but only for a few days at a time. I was just as excited to see the sun come out and to be able to go outside without a coat, scarf, and gloves. During the week I took advantage of the warmer days and explored a part of Central Park I’d never visited before. I took the subway¬†to The Natural History Museum which is about half way up the park. I had always entered down the bottom by the Plaza Hotel and would walk the same half of the park. So this time I decided to explore a new part, where the Belvedere¬†Castle is. The views from the top were amazing!

Sophie Mitchell Dumbo

She Prevails Dumbo

4. Dumbo

Dumbo is a place I had heard lots about but had never visited, until this week. I was blown away by how cute the whole area is. It’s known as blogger central for a reason! The views and pretty streets are just SO Instagramable! We went to a lovely cafe called One Girl Cookies and then took a walk along the river before catching a ferry back to Manhatten. I’d highly recommend giving Dumbo a visit, even if your only visiting New York for a few days. I’ll definitely be back soon!

Siobhan, Me, Stephanie, Maise-Kate, and Michaela

5. New Friends

Since moving to New York I have met the most amazing people, most of which are other Irish that have moved here on a visa (we just naturally¬†gravitate¬†towards each other!). We have a lot in common because we all took the big leap of faith moving here for our careers, and have¬†experienced a lot of the same struggles. All the girls have amazing stories and have achieved¬†so much in their¬†early twenties, I’m inspired by them every day! It just so happens that a lot of them are also bloggers, so make sure to give them a follow!

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    LOVE this and thank you so much for the shoutout!!

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    In awe of that anrsew! Really cool!

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