How to use Instagram Close Friends to see your favourite content first

For the most part, the Instagram algorithm works to show you posts from the people or accounts you view and engage with most. But sometimes, a person you followed after meeting one time at a party 3 months ago is viewing your stories and for some reason, their 5 photo collage of a Sunday forest walk has just appeared first on your feed. You could unfollow them, but she was YOUR BEST FRIEND in the bathroom for 40 minutes so that just feels rude. Plus how awkward when you eventually bump into each other again….

There have been many Instagram algorithm changes over the last few years and the type of content I see on the app has changed a lot. For me, Instagram is about staying up to date with my friends, and content creators/influencers/bloggers (whatever you want to call them) that inspire or inform me about things I’m interested in. Content that sparks something positive inside my head.

But for a long time, this just didn’t seem to be happening and I almost gave up on the app altogether.

Enter Instagram Close Friends feature

Instagrams Close Friends list feature was a welcome addition to the app. Finally, we could share more personal, less picture-perfect photos with our best friends. But isn’t that what Whatsapp is for? I never really got into the habit of using my Close Friends list, so I decided to make use of it in another way.

I realised that the feature essentially signals to the Instagram algorithm my favourite accounts. I could add my favourite people and accounts to my close friend list and cut out all the other stuff I wasn’t interested in. So now when I go on to the Instagram app the first stories and posts shown to me are from the accounts I’ve added to my list.

Thanks to this little hack I enjoy the app again and have made it a much more positive place. Social media can be really great if you use it in the right ways, but we all know it can be super toxic at times. This tick helps solve that problem, give it a go and see if your social media experience improves!


How do you use Instagram Close Friends?

To use the feature, open up the Stories camera and take a photo or video. After you finish your shot, you’ll notice a new green circle with a white star in it. Tap it, and you’ll be brought to the close friend’s list where you can add people to your inner circle. Instagram will suggest friends to you based on the people you interact with most, or you can use a search box to finish your list.

Does Instagram tell close friends?

Instagram won’t notify your chosen Close Friends when you add or remove them from your list. No one can request to be added either. It’s completely private so you can add and remove people as you please. 

Can you see who is on someone’s close friends list?

Close Friends lists are private and cannot be viewed by others.

Can you see if you’re on someone’s best friends list?

The only way to really know if you’re on someone’s Close Friends list is to wait until they post a Close Friends Story. If you see their Story updated with a green ring around it, you know it’s for Close Friends only. 

Can you see if you're on someone's best friends list?

Instagram Close Freinds allows us to take back some control over the social algorithms. I hope this post helps you use Close Friends to stay in contact with and see your favourite people and content creators first.

Read more on social media algorithams here.


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    • Posted July 19, 2021 2:01 pm
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