While most of us can’t detect the notes of charcoal and asparagus of a wine on our palate (sue us), we can usually taste the difference between a €6 bottle and a €100 bottle. Well, I’ve discovered a little yet mighty trick to turn that cheapie bottle into a special-occasion bottle in 30 seconds with little effort!

You probably already know that decanting a bottle of wine before serving often improves its taste. The basic idea behind decanting is that wine needs to be exposed to oxygen so the tannins and compounds that make it “rough” to drink get broken down. Problem is most of the ‘pretty’ decanters look fancy on your drink cart but act useless.

While you can also do this by simply uncorking the bottle and letting the wine breathe, this trick does the same thing, just faster and more aggressively.

Say hello to Hyper-decantation.

If you are a wine snob, you might turn your nose up at this, but I recommend you try it first.

In short, hyper-decantation basically stands for “put your wine in a blender for a minute and it’ll taste great”.

Yup, a blender. Most of us have a blender right?

Just pour the wine in, frappé away for 30 to 60 seconds, and then allow the froth to subside, which happens quickly, before serving. Simple! It particularly improves young red wines.

Not sold? Get a little scientific and conduct your own blind test, pour a little into a glass and blend some more. Have someone mix around glasses so you don’t know which one which is and then decide.

In my opinion, the win tastes much fuller, smoother and, yes, expensive!

Let me know if you have tried this and what you think?


Sophie x

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Make Your €6 Bottle of Wine Taste Like €100