One of my goals for 2017 is to write more for the blog. For the last few month’s I have posted one post a week but I’d like to try to double that this year, so I decided to start a weekly feature called Friday Five Favourites where I will share five of my favourite things every Friday!

First up, I thought I would share my favorite news sources. I like to squeeze in a bit of news every morning and sometimes at night. I have broad tastes so I look at everything from celebrity gossip, politics, business and whatever else I’m interested in that day. There are so many ways to consume news and a lot of platforms to do so but here are some of my favourites.

Favourite new sources

Five sources I have been checking out the most recently:

The Skimm

The Skimm

The Skimm is perfect for those who have little free time to read. Signing up to the Daily Skimm means you will get an email every morning with all the news and information you need to stay informed on just about everything! The Skimm was founded by two women in their 20’s who wanted to make it easier to be smarter. They source the most important information each day and summarize it into bite-sized columns written in an easy to read, and witty tone. The daily emails not only include all the important news but also a quote of the day, conversation starters and other pieces of advice. It’s free to subscribe to the emails but they also offer a $2.99 per month subscription service called Skimm Ahead. This offers the inside scoop on things like when certain concert tickets will be on sale. You can download the Skimm Ahead app and the first month is free. I only have the daily emails right now but I’m considering subscribing to Skimm Ahead once my free month is up, I love it too much. Oprah, Lena Dunham and Shonada Rhimes are fans too!



Irish Central 

Since moving to New York Irish Central has been a website I look at regularly. A digital news agency, Irish Central provides Irish Americans with all they need to know about Ireland and America in one. They discuss topics affecting the Irish community and, have managed to create an online platform where we can feel at home. Recently, they have covered a lot on how Trumps presidency will affect the Irish in America and what it might mean for us. They also cover topics relating to visas and Irish Businesses in America. The Irish in New York are a big community so it’s great to have a place to keep informed on all matters affecting us.

Notable article: 35 ways to live and work in the united states legally.



I first stumbled across Fashionista when looking for fashion career sites. They have a great section where they post about fashion companies and brands that are hiring. The rest of this website is focused on industry news. In an attempt to stay somewhat “in the know” in the most fashionable city in the world I’ve been trying to make time to visit this site. They also have a beauty and style section with blog-like posts and opinion pieces.

Notable article: How Hildy Kuryk Segued a Thriving Political Career Into Vogue‘s Top Communications Role



Mashable is pretty much a “mashup” of everything tech, digital, and entertainment around the world. There is always a lot to consume on this site and you could easily spend an hour procrastinating here. I especially like it for its digestible tech and social media news. It’s a must for anyone working in the digital/tech industry.

Notable article: The iPhone X: Coming in 2017?



Vox is another news source I check out for politics, world affairs, and business news. Vox always seem to be on top of breaking news and you can be confident that the articles are accurate. I also like to follow the Vox twitter account and they even have a weekly podcast that is great for on the go.

Notable article: 9 questions about China you were too embarrassed to ask


Sneaky number 6…..

The Daily Mail 

I wouldn’t be honest if I left the Daily Mail out. I can’t help but take a quick look every day at what the Kardashians are up to, or what Z-lister couple just broke up. I just try not to look at the comment section! (You’ll only be left ashamed of humanity).

Notable article: N/A (None what so ever!!)

Favourite news sources

The above is my favourite go-to news sources but the list doesn’t include the many blogs I enjoy reading. That’s for another Friday Favourite Five! Let me know in the comment section below what your favourite news source is 🙂

Sophie x


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