The last couple of weeks have been filled with travel and work both of which I am very grateful for and have been really enjoying. I took a slight blog break to focus and enjoy everything without worrying about posting but now I’m back and have lots planned! But first, where have I been?


Last week I got to spend a few days at home in Ireland on the way back from Bologna, Italy where I was attending a convention with work. It’s so crazy to me how nine months ago I was worried about being able to find a job in New York and if I would need to leave early. Now fast forward several months and I’m traveling to Italy and can visit home for a few days before returning to my favorite place, New York. It feels like everything really came full circle and the hard work paid off.

Italy Sheprevails

My week in Italy was exhausting between fighting jetlag and walking the convention all day, but the delicious food each night made it all worthwhile. I am a pasta fiend and anyone that knows me will know how happy in heaven I felt. Bologna is a beautiful city with fabulous buildings and streets bursting with history. I didn’t get much time to explore but did manage to take a quick walk around the main street on my last day, where I came across a small sunglass shop. My eyes couldn’t believe it when they spotted a pair of Celine Sunglasses I have been lusting over for almost three years! I had my name on a wait list in Brown Thomas in Dublin months before moving to New York but never managed to buy them. So, I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw them in this random shop, almost $150 cheaper than I had seen them before!  I love their classic look and how they’re a style that will always be in fashion.

Celine Sunglasses

I’ve become more interested in investment buys that I will have for a long time, but in saying that, I don’t plan on going crazy. Often designer pieces are not the high quality we are lead to believe so it’s important to do research before making that investment. I won’t be splashing my cash on expensive handbags until I get all my traveling out of the way!



Just like my last trip home (you can read about it HERE), I tried my best to fit as much as possible into every day.

On my first day back, I got all the important things out of the way, doctor visits and blood tests, a haircut, and a manicure! (Ok, not that important but cheaper and I feel better quality done at home).

The Style Club

I got a hair trim in The Style Club on South William Street which was overall a very nice experience. All the hair stylists in there are super professional and friendly. And the décor is crazy n’ cool too!

Brown Thomas Beauty Lounge

Next up was a manicure in the new Brown Thomas Beauty Lounge. I had only heard of it recently from a friend who gave the manicures a raving review and I just had to check it out. I get my nails done all the time in New York at a pretty inexpensive price but they never last too long so I hoped the ones here would be better quality. I went for the Gel Switch which is a 45-minute manicure (so fast!) using a powder gel that can last up to four weeks! I was so happy with the colour that was mixed together for me and one week in I don’t have a single chip or sign of wear. Well worth the 49-euro price tag.

Express lunch in Wilde

After a long morning of pampering my Mum and I treated ourselves to lunch at Wilde, in the Westbury Hotel. It was my first time in Wilde but I have seen plenty of peoples Instagram pictures to know it was somewhere I would love. The decor is beautiful and the food and service were top class. We both got the express lunch deal for 25 euro which included four courses on one wood platter. The gin cocktail was the cherry on top of my day!

Powerscourt Gardens

Another day at home was spent in the fab gardens in Powerscourt. This place is so beautiful. If you haven’t already been then you need to put it top of your To Do list!


Another highlight of the weekend was a dance in Coppers. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s a place that can only be appreciated when you have been away from home for almost a year. I won’t go into the details, you already know what it’s like there haha.

While at home I also managed to fit in a night in Donegal, in The Shandon Hotel & Spa. Yes, Donegal is a long four-hour drive from Dublin but it was so worth it. We were absolutely spoiled! You can read my separate post on my wonderful at The Shandon HERE.

As always, it was so nice to spend a few days at home but I’m beyond excited to be back in New York and ready to make the most of the next few weeks between now and Christmas. I haven’t been as active on the blog or social media lately because there have been so many things happening but I’m hoping to get back into my regular routine this month.

Thanks’ for reading,

Sophie x