Croatia has grown as a holiday destination in recent years but still I didn’t really know much about the country or what to expect. It turned out to be one of the most amazing places I’ve been to date.
We decided on three places to visit over two weeks. Split, Hvar Island and Dubrovnik in that order.

Getting there

We flew in and out of Dubrovnik as it was the only airport we could find suitable flights from Dublin for the dates and times we wanted to travel. We decided to make Split our first destination which would mean getting the most travelling out of the way at the start.


Take a bus from Dubrovnik airport to Dubrovnik bus station (half an hour). From here take a bus to Split.

We had had read online the bus would take three hour’s but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Five hours later we arrived in Split… Luckily the spectacular views for the whole journey some what made up for the inconvenience.
Split bus ride
Bus split rideSplit bus ride


We stayed in a lovely Airbnb private apartment. It was in the perfect location with the old town and the port on our doorstep.

Check it out here: Apartman Kova.

Split outfit Krka Split lake


There are many restaurants and cafes along the port and in the old town.
The restaurants along the port all seem to have similar menus. I forget the name of the one we ate in but it was there that I tired Cavi for the first time, a Croatian delicacy.
We also ate in a lovely restaurant in the old town where again there are many to chose from.
We used Trip Advisor for some help deciding on where to eat for our last night in Split and went for the Number 1 restaurant which is a little walk outside the town called Perivoj. Its easy to see why it has the number one spot. The food and atmosphere was top notch.


Perivoj menu

Perivoj 2
Truffle gnocchi

The amazing Krka waterfalls

The Krka park waterfalls was one of my top highlights from the whole trip. The park reminded me of my time in Hawaii and the waterfalls I swam in on Maui.
The easiest way to Krka park is by going with a tour group. They bring you on a bus to the little town of Skradin where you take a short boat ride down the River to the entrance of the park.
 Krka Split lake
Entrance to the park is not included in the tour and costs 150 kuna. You then meet your bus five hours later at the other side of the park. (The park is not as big as it seems).
During your time there you walk the trail, have lunch, sunbathe on the grass and of course swim by the amazing waterfalls. The water here is like nothing I’ve seen before.
It was quite rocky in parts so I would recommend bringing swim shoes. I would also highly recommend an underwater camera and a snorkel set.
Cost: €28 Per Person
 Waterfalls at Krka    Krka waterfall Split Sophie at krka waterfalls   Swimming at Krka waterfallsWaterfalls Krka A day at Krka waterfalls
 Krka waterfalls SophieKrka under water

Exploring the old town

Old town Split

Old town in SplitSplit old town

Split Nightlife

Caffe bar Inbox – An outdoor nightclub at the port with great music and good drink prices.

There is also a pub crawl that looked fun but as we were only in Split for two nights we didn’t get a chance to do it.

Splits old town

Split harbour

We only stayed two nights/ three days in Split with one of the days taken up with travel and a day at Krka park. I would have liked an extra day to further explore the old town and also check out the Split beaches.

Split port

Next stop Hvar, Check out my blog post for Hvar here.

Split boat to Hvar