I’ve said it before and I will say it again, New York is hard. I knew this before moving here but I didn’t quite know how hard. It’s true what they say that anything can happen here and sometimes that is definitely not a good thing (for example while I sat and wrote this blog post
the cafe I was in went on fire and we were emergency evacuated!). In order to survive and to stay sane, I have adopted a few things in order to manage my stress levels. Some days are definitely better than others but as long as I take time to look after myself and do a few of the following things, I remain ok!


I’ve practiced yoga on and off for a few years. I always find my way back to it, especially during stressful times. It’s a very mild workout but it’s the meditation parts I love. I feel so much better after an hour focusing on nothing but my breathing. And I always get a great nights sleep! There is no better way to zone out than doing a yoga or meditation class.  Namaste!

I swear this is me!….. *Credit to Pinterest


Just like yoga, any form of exercise is great for reducing stress. I like to go to classes like HITT or TRX that are so intense I can’t think of anything other than how much my body is hurting! Fighting through the pain releases those endorphins we all hear about. In case you don’t know, endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body that is similar to morphine! So exercise literally takes your pain away. (Until the sore muscles kick in). If your not a fan of intense exercise a nice long walk in the fresh air can be just as good!



That green swamp water you see some strange people sip on is actually kind of amazing! I don’t have any feeling regarding the taste, I don’t crave it but I don’t hate it either. For the most part, I have replaced my coffees for matcha lattes. Aside from boosting metabolism, detoxifying the body and being full of good things like zinc, chlorophyll, and vitamins it helps with stress. It is known for it’s calming effects and is said to enhance your mood and help with concentration. Some may say matcha is just a fad but take it from someone who has been drinking this stuff for over two years. It works!



Some nights I can’t switch off because my mind is thinking about a million things. My one fail proof way to fall asleep is by reading a book. (Definitely no reading on your phone!) It usually takes me weeks to finish any book because I only read a couple of pages per night before dozing off.


Meditation apps and music

There are a lot of apps you can get for meditation. My favorites are HeadSpace and Calm, as well as a few videos on YouTube. A lot of people recommend meditation first thing in the morning but that’s not something I have time for. (Meaning I’ve never made the time, but maybe one day!) I like to use these apps at night in bed, but if you are ever feeling overwhelmed and about to burst, I can imagine escaping to a toilet for five minutes to listen to a few minutes of one of these apps could really help.



There is nothing like having a good laugh to forget about your worries. Whether it is hanging out with your friends (the ones that leave negativity at the door), going to a comedy club or watching random youtube videos of babies falling over (I’m not evil I swear!) laughing it out will instantly improve your mood.



Tomorrow is always a new day and sleep will never hurt you. You will always feel better after a good nights sleep, waking up with a fresh mind ready to take on whatever it was bothering you the day before.


Switch off

It’s no hidden secret that our phones, laptops, Ipads, and Nintendo’s (they’re still cool right?) melt our minds! Turn off all the technology and do something else, like any of the above.



I hope some of these tips will help you next time you have a hard day!

Sophie x

*My Mum would also like me to add that calling her for chats is another way I stay calm! Thanks mom!