Once a 90s jewellery staple, ear cuffs made a big return in the last year or two and are being worn in more ways than ever. Personally, I have never been a fan of large statement jewellery, instead preferring simple delicate pieces that make their own subtle impression. Which is why I never suspected I would take on the ear cuff trend, most commonly worn in a grungy, edgy way. However, in the last year, I have spotted more and more of my favourite style icons sport the look in their own unique ways. I realised ear cuffs and multiple ear piercings are probably the coolest, most versatile pieces of jewellery today. Ear cuff earrings instantly glam up the most casual outfits or add elegance to chic looks. The sparkling effect that reflects the light is just so captivating and eye-catching they look so chic and cool no matter your outfit.

Ear cuffs are worn around the ear lobe and can be full-on statement pieces to dainty designs that especially complement up-do hairstyles or hair behind the ears.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to pierce your ears to rock some ear cuffs, there are endless designs, patterns and sizes available for both pierced and non-pierced ears. I recently got my upper lobe pierced (again, after they closed up years ago) to add to my already lower pierced lobe. Now I like to wear two dainty studs in each ear and an ear cuff on one side. Or sometimes it will be a tiny hoop. I’ve spent a lot of time hunting down earrings for this style but have found the high street shops have little to no selection. Thankfully I discovered Astrid and Miyu through one of my favourite YouTubers, Lydia Millen and fell head over heels with there selection of delicate earrings and ear cuffs. I’ve added all my favourites below with the links to shop them, as well as some inspiration from my favourite ear cuff wearing ladies.

  • Rose Gold Circle Ear Cuff
  • Snake Charmer Circular Rose Gold
  • Gold Fine Spiral Double Ear Cuff
  • Wishbone Ear Cuff Rose Gold Angle
  • Basic Gold Cuff
  • Moon Stud Gold

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Earring Multiples & Ear Cuffs

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