It takes a lot of TIME

I was never under the impression that creating and maintaining a blog, along with several social media accounts would be an easy task. I knew I would need to dedicate several evenings a week after work, and weekends to work on it. But with a full time job, working 9 to half 5, trying to make time for exercise and trying to take time to completely switch off (which I am a total advocate of) blogging is HARD. Thankfully I really enjoy it and even though it might be a struggle each evening trying to decide between watching tv or writing a blog post, once I get started I find myself struggling to switch off and go to bed!

Blogging has definitely taught me to manage my time better. I have a great schedule at the moment that balances work, blogging, exercise and a social life. It will never be perfect and I certainly don’t spend anywhere near as much time blogging as I wish I could but I still manage to get most of what I want to do done. And a diary really helps!

She Prevails quote Good things come to those who hustle

Its hard to decide what DIRECTION to go in

Originally I said She Prevails would have nothing to do with me personally, that I would focus on writing pieces of career advice and other general lifestyle pieces but nothing that would be associated with me personally. The thought of writing about myself and expecting people to want to read it made me laugh.

Over time I started to realise that was silly. If I want to write well and create quality content I need to write about what I know best. And that’s me, I know myself, I know what I like and I know the types of things I want to know more about. So this blog is geared towards me. And if there happens to be other people that share my interests then that will be really exciting!

I have endless ideas and goals for this blog. All my ideas come at night lying in bed (which is a bit of a nightmare but anyway). As I said above it’s hard to find a lot of time to blog so most of these ideas have yet to be seen. This really frustrates me because I’m the type of person that once they get something into their head they need to act on it or else run the risk of self combusting. I want to try different things and have my blog look this way, or be targeted towards that person, or call it an online magazine instead of a blog, etc etc.

I’m still figuring out my “blog style”. I’ve been at it just a few months so hopefully by this time next year I’ll have a clearer vision of where I want to go.

She Prevails quote The right direction

It’s not easy getting great PICTURES

“Hey, em i’m so sorry, but will you take a quick picture, of em me?”

“Sorry hold up one second, that marble table looks great and I just got my nails done.” *Takes phone out*

If you want great photos, and a lot of them you have to be pretty shameless about it. I’m not the most outgoing and I hate to admit it but I DO care about what others think. So taking interesting photos means putting yourself out there and swallowing your pride. Seeing how well some of my pictures have done has made me realise it’s all worth it and necessary in order to be a blogging pro. As long as your not TOO annoying or take ten minutes to get the perfect picture, people really don’t seem to mind or their just really good at faking a smile :).

I’ve also learned a lot of tips and tricks on how to create consistency with all my photos, particularly on Instagram. I hope to write a full post soon on how I take and edit all my pictures.

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PEOPLE are more supportive than expected

I had to have a few awkward conversations with friends when they eventually came across my blog. I chose not to tell anyone about it mainly because I wasn’t sure if I had what it took to stick with it. I didn’t want to advertise it too much then later have to admit defeat. When no one is watching you feel more comfortable, you can try new things and not be afraid of judgement. I worked really hard to build the best WordPress site I could and write posts to fill it. Now that I have more to show, and feel more confident in my blogging abilities I have started to share it with more people and everyone has been so supportive and encouraging. I know my anxiety about sharing my blog was mainly all in my head. At the end of the day my real friends would never have been anything but supportive.

I have really and truly had to overcome this silly fear of mine as this week I found out I had not only been nominated, but also shortlisted for a Aussie blog award with

ShePrevails is up for the Most Aussome Newcomer!!  This has been the first true milestone in my blogging journey and has given me the confidence boost I think I really needed. I had a look at my competition and was so impressed with the other blogs in my category. This whole experience has really inspired me and I’m looking forward to making some blogging friends next Thursday at the awards evening in House Dublin.

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