Its a scary thing to accept but the reality is you spend most of your time sitting at your desk. For this reason its important that you set up your work space in a way that will optimise your comfort and productivity.

Here’s how:

Your chair

  • Chair type: A cushioned office chair with arm rests is essential. If possible, breathable fabric is great and the more nob’s and leavers the chair has the better. Its important to have a chair that you can adjust to fit you in order to protect your back and keep good posture.
  • Chair height: Adjust your chair height so that your thighs are parallel to the floor and your feet flat on the floor. Your arms should also be at the height of your desk.
  • Chair adjustments: The further back your seat’s back rest is the more likely you are to slouch. You should adjust your seats back rest so that it’s angled forward to keep your posture up. If your not lucky enough to have a adjustable seat, consider investing in a lumber support to place on your chair which will do the same job at keeping your posture up.
  • Chair mobility: Having a chair with the ability to swivel and roll around is more necessary than you might think. If you need to reach for items on or around your desk you can avoid straining your body and see without moving your head when the chair moves with you.

Your desk

Mouse and keyboard: Have your mouse and keyboard close together as possible. Place the alphanumeric part of the keyboard at the center of your desk meaning the “B” key should be directly in front of you and in the center of your desk.

Your key board and mouse should be at the same height so if you have a sliding keyboard tray make use your mouse if on it too.

Other items: Place all frequently used items at arms reach and store everything else in your drawer.

Your computer

Computers monitor: You want your computers monitor to be at eye level and also to be about an arm’s length away from where you’re sitting. If you cant adjust your monitors height its a good idea to buy a monitor stand.

How to set up your desk