Vegas has always been one of those places on my bucket list but never very high up there. I love an excuse to get dressed up and dance into the early hours, but the thoughts of doing it for several days in a row make my head hurt. (Things change in your mid-twenties!) That being said, when a few friends decided to book a weekend trip I couldn’t say no! I have always wanted to see the incredible hotels and the extravagant strip after all!  To my surprise, I didn’t just like Las Vegas, I loved it!! I could never have imagined how much fun I would have there and how willing and able I was to power through the constant partying without taking a single night off (like I may have originally planned…). The weekend was certainly jam-packed so I’ll take you through each day and night before listing my favorite’s.

Vegas Diaries

Night 1

We landed in Vegas at midnight. We went straight to the MGM Hotel to check into our rooms and got ready in record time! At about 2 am we danced our way into Omina nightclub to see Calvin Harris. He was unbelievable and the nightclub was incredible with all sorts of dancers flying in the air and all-around the dance floor.

Day 1

A trip to Vegas is not complete without a Wet Republic pool party. Steve Aoki was the guest DJ and the life of the party! It’s hard to believe he’s doing DJ sets so often and still loving them as much as everyone in the crowd. This was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend.

Night 2

Not surprisingly, a nap was needed between the pool party and going out again that night. I honestly would have loved to stay in bed until the next day but it was so worth dragging myself up to head downstairs to the MGM nightclub Hakkasan, to see Tiesto DJ.

(Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, and Tiesto all in 24 hours!)


Day 2

At this stage, a much-needed chill day by the hotel pool was needed. We hung out by the lazy river and soaked up some sun. The pools at the hotel are so extravagant!

Night 3

You would think by now we would be sick of pools. But nope, night three took us to the most amazing nightclub I have ever seen, Encore Beach Club inside the Wynn Hotel. I opted out of getting into the pool (low energy levels/ lack of pre-drinking) but the atmosphere was amazing and it was another major highlight of the weekend.

Day 3

Day 3 was my favorite! There was no way I was going to go to Vegas and not see all the hotels and walk the strip. Whenever I visit somewhere new I go into full tourist mode on a mission to see as much as possible. We took a taxi to the further end of the strip and worked our way back stopping at all the hotels for a quick look. We saw the incredible pools at Ceasers Palace, took a gondola ride the in The Venetian Hotel, sat at the bar inside the Eiffel Tour in Paris Las Vegas and watched the amazing Bellagio fountains, and finally, we got an In-n-Out burger for dinner.

Night 4

For our final night, we went to Marquee in The Cosmopolitan Hotel. This hotel is just WOW! First of all, there is literally a nightclub inside a chandelier! The hotel is glam from head to toe and it was the perfect location for our final night.

*BTW* This trip gave me the perfect chance to try out my new Hair Curler by HeyStyler. In the photo above I used the second biggest curler from the set of five. I was so impressed with how well they lasted throughout the night. I will go into more detail about the curler and the other HerStyler products I have been loving in my next blog post *coming soon*

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Day 5

Five days later, and I am still alive! And aside from being tired, I was feeling great! By some miracle, I had managed to escape a hangover the whole weekend. Someone told me the hotels pump so much oxygen into the air to keep people awake while gambling that it can help avoid hangovers!

On the way to the airport, we asked our taxi driver to stop at the Vegas sign for that all-important photo. Because were you even there without one?

The Details


MGM Grand Hotel

The MGM has everything you could ever want or need in one place, and more. When you arrive they will give you a map and my advice is to hold on tight to that map because you’re going to need it! One day, we actually didn’t even leave the hotel because everything we had planned happened to be right inside. The Wet Republic Pool party and the Hakkasan Nightclub are two of Vegas’s hottest venues both of which are in this hotel. But don’t think you will easily nip up and down to your room, it’s like a mini city and takes almost 20 minutes to walk everywhere! There are several restaurants, an amazing buffet which I would highly recommend, a nightclub, many, many pools (including a fun lazy river) shops, shows, and of course the casino (where I won $40!!! (and lost $20…)).



The Las Vegas Strip!

Some highlights include:


I didn’t get a chance to do the following activities but would definitely try to them if I’m ever back again.


A.K.A the nightclubs

As I said above, I enjoyed Vegas far more than I ever would have imagined! There is just so much to do and see whether you enjoy alcohol or not.  I would love to know in the comments what your favorite things to do and places to see are in Vegas?

I have two more trips this month, one for work and one trip back to the homeland! I feel like I will have spent hardly any time in New York during September so when I’m back I want to tick lots more off of my NY bucket list and maybe take a fall themed trip upstate.

Thanks for reading <3

Sophie x