As much as I love my city life, I love the beach and being by the sea. There’s honestly nothing more peaceful! So a weekend in Montauk was just what I needed to relax and get a major change of scenery over Memorial Day weekend. We headed down for two nights and although it was a quick getaway, we managed to check out a lot of different places. I loved everything about Montauk and I’m already planning my next trip down there!

I’ve listed all details from my trip below, including some other places we didn’t manage to check out but have on my list for next time.

Montauk Stay

The Montauk Blue Hotel

We booked our stay just two weeks in advance which is pretty last minute for a busy weekend like Memorial Day weekend. The Montauk Blue Hotel was one of the only hotels that still had availability but it turned out to be so perfect! It’s located right in the center of the town, yet right on the beach. The town is the only place you can really stay without needing a car so this hotel was perfect for us. Waking up each morning to the view of the sea was the best feeling! I’ll definitely try to stay here again.

Montauk Play

The Surf Lodge

The Surf Lodge is the place to be seen in the Hamptons. The people are BEAUTIFUL and, well Justin Beiber was hanging out beside us the whole night. Need I say more?

Something you need to know:

It’s almost impossible to get into. Even when it doesn’t look busy, they will tell you they are at capacity… The only sure way in is by having a dinner reservation (good luck with that one). We waited in an unorganized line for an hour. The guys at the door would randomly pick people to enter and eventually we got lucky. So yeah, it’s basically like the Hunger Games. Of course, like I said above I was there on one of the busiest nights of the year, but I’ve heard this situation is normal. We had an unforgettable night, so it was all worthwhile!

A taxi there cost five dollars each from the town. It’s about a five-second ride but unfortunately about a 25-minute walk.

668 The Gig Shack

The Gig Shack is based in the town itself. We didn’t eat here but the food is supposed to be great. Later in the evening, it’s one of the most popular places for drinks. It’s a small space and was pretty crowded when we were there on our second night. That’s when we moved on to…..

Memory Hotel

Oh, where to begin. It’s a “nightclub” in a motel. It was an experience but I don’t know if I can fully recommend it haha. If you’d like to see more, watch episode 1, season 6 of Girls!

The Sloppy Tuna

We spent our first half of our first day in The Sloppy Tuna. It was fun and very busy, but it quieted down later in the evening. We were told it was always one of the most popular places but due to new ownership, it’s not quite the same. It’s perfect if you’re looking for casual drinks near to the beach hotels.




Montauk Brewing Company

Montauk Dine


John’s Pancake House

Anthony’s Pancake House

Both great dinners if you are looking for a big breakfast to start your day. Or cure you of the night before!


Tauk at Trail’s End

The Saltbox

We all loved our meals in both of these places! The food and staff were great.


668 The Gig Shack

Zum Schneider

La Brisa De Tacombi

The Surf Lodge

Quick Bite (Day & late at night)

Montauk Bake Shoppe

Pizza Village (Late night pizza).

BuddhaBerry Frozen Yoghurt Cafe

Transport & Getting Around


The Jitney was our choice of transport from Manhatten to Montauk. Ever since I watched the Hamptons episode of Gossip Girl I have pictured myself sitting on that bus eating strawberries. It’s a nice bus with free water and snacks, making the three-hour drive fly by. I’d recommend the Jitney for the views alone. There are lots of great house creeping opportunities!

The other option is the Train.


If you don’t have a car you will likely need to take a few taxis during your stay. Uber doesn’t really exist so the taxis can charge a lot. We paid per person each time we took one.

Before heading down I found it difficult to plan where we should go for dinner and out at night. It’s not a big place but there are a lot of options. I hope this post will be helpful if you’re planning a Montauk getaway of your own! I definitely plan on heading back down within the next few weeks so I’ll make sure to update my list when I do!

If you have any recommendations please let me know!

Sophie x